Friday, January 08, 2016

Completion event and fashion show of "Nobunaga Concerto"

The completion event and fashion show of new movie "Nobunaga Concerto" was held on 7 January which was attended by cast members Oguri Shun, Shibasaki Kou, Mukai Osamu, Mizuhara Kiko, Hamada Gaku, Takashima Masahiro, Yamada Takayuki, Taku Takahashi and the director Matsuyama Hiroaki. The movie which is due to be shown in cinemas from 23 January, is based on the same-titled manga serialised in "Gessan" and was made into an anime and drama series in 2014. Oguri plays Saburo, a senior high school student in the current era who accidentally goes back into time and meets Oda Nobunaga in the Sengoku era where he ends up impersonating the latter who is sickly.

In line with the theme of the drama, the cast wore costumes blending elements from the present and the Sengoku era and staged their own TGC i.e. Tokyo Sengoku Collection where they walked down the runway to parade their outfits. Mizuhara was the first to go on stage while Oguri who appeared in his first fashion show to date on stage appeared last. Mizuhara commented that she was honoured to start the show and was really nervous when she walked down the runway despite being an experienced model. On the other hand, Oguri was quite anxious when he saw his co-stars doing very well on the runaway and was glad that he could finish his part without any problems. Shibasaki who wore a bright kimono, expressed her joy at doing the fashion show which was a rare experience for her. Yamada who walked with a monkey on stage, revealed that he had known beforehand about the arrangement.

When asked about how they would feel if they did go back to the Sengoku era, Oguri said that he might not survive beyond three days since he is likely to be captured and killed. He also commented that it was unlikely for him to be like Saburo in the movie who can make friends because that's only possible in a fictitious world. As for the question of when he would like to go back to besides the Sengoku era, Oguri said that he would like to see how his parents had got to know each other and how they got together as a couple. As he thought that their version of what happened seemed to have been "beautified", he wants to see how the actual situation was at that time.

Source: Oricon / Sponichi

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