Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ongoing campaign by SMAP fans to buy "Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana" CD to stop SMAP from breaking up

In response to news of SMAP's impending break up on 13 January, there is a campaign going on in a bid to stop that from happening. Some SMAP fans have initiated the move to purchase SMAP's bestselling single to date i.e. "Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana" and push total sales to "triple million" so as to show the group that the fans want them to remain together and how much they support them. To date, the single has sold around 2.6 million copies so to hit the 3 million mark, another 400,000 copies or so need to be sold. The campaign hashtag is currently one of the top 10 trending Twitter topics now with tweets sharing information on how to buy the CD and getting the people around them to do the same. Based on checks done this morning, the CD is already sold out on various online sites such as Amazon Japan,, HMV and Tower Records.

Source: Livedoor News

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