Thursday, January 07, 2016

Nikaido Fumi joins "Gourmet Chicken Race Gochi ni Narimasu! 17" as new regular member

Nikaido Fumi was announced to be the new regular member of NTV variety show "Gourmet Chicken Race Gochi ni Narimasu! 17" during the New Year SP shown on 2 January. The variety show which is shown on Saturdays at 7.56pm, features regular members and weekly guests competing in a year-long race where they order food items from a menu without knowing the prices and the person whose own bill is furthest from the designated budget will pay for the bills for everyone. At the end of the year, the person who has paid the most money will be fired from the programme. Last year, Esumi Makiko lost the race and had to leave the show thus leaving 4 regular members Ninety-Nine's Okamura Takashi and Yabe Hiroyuki, TOKIO's Kokubun Taichi and actor Yanagiba Toshiro who joined the show last year. During Nikaido's first appearance, Yanagiba asked her why she accepted the offer and she replied frankly that it is to boost awareness of herself which led the rest of the cast to burst into laughter. This will be her first regular appearance in a regular programme.

Source: Oricon

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