Tuesday, January 19, 2016

SMAP pledges to stay together as a group on tonight's broadcast of SMAPxSMAP

SMAP members appeared "live" on tonight's broadcast of SMAPxSMAP (18th January) where they spoke for the first time on the controversy of their reported independence movement with their chief manager Iijima and apologised to everyone for causing them to worry. The members also pledged to stay together no matter what happens which is seen as a confirmation that the group will be staying put in their current agency Johnny's Jimusho.

At the beginning of the programme, their hit single "Sekai ni hitotsu dake no hana" was played in the background along with past footage of the members and an introduction to messages sent by fans to the TV station. After this segment, the members appeared in black suits and ties and stood in one line facing the camera. Kimura Takuya stood in the middle while his fellow members stood beside him in the order of Nakai Masahiro, Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, Kimura, Inagaki Goro and Katori Shingo. The five of them had their hands in front of them and were visibly tense on screen.

Kimura was the first to speak:
Today is 18th January 2016.
Last week, we SMAP have caused trouble to everyone with our own matter. As such, we have caused many people to be worried and inconvenienced by us. Under such circumstances and if left unresolved, SMAP might have disintegrated in mid-air. In view of this, the five of us have decided to come together and report to everyone what is going on since this is very important. We know that it is selfish for us to do this but we are glad to have been given this time to speak.

Inagaki followed up with his comments:
We are very sorry for the trouble caused to everyone this time. From now on, we will work very hard to let everyone see and support us thus we seek your continued support.

Katori was the next to speak:
We are very sorry for causing everyone to be worried and uneasy this time. (pauses for a moment). We will work together again to bring lots of smiles to everyone and we hope for your continued support.

Nakai then commented with the following:
With regard to this matter, we have come to realise very strongly just how much support SMAP has been getting so far. We are very sorry. (sigh) Please continue to support us from now on.

Kusanagi followed up next:
We discovered a lot of things through everyone's words and are very thankful. This time, we are able to stand here because Kimura-kun helped us to create the opportunity to apologise to Johnny-san. It is assuring that the five of us can be together here.

Kimura ended the segment by saying:
Lastly, we will just think of looking ahead and going forward regardless of what happens. Everyone, please support us.

Source: Oricon / Huffington Post Japan


Dyah Wulaningsih said...

WTF they're saying... Its so obvious the words are soo scripted. Please get the hell out from J&A quickly SMAP :'(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us non japanese speakers updated on this.

PS. WTF, indeed...
PPS. Goro looked like he hasn't slept for days.