Monday, January 11, 2016

DAIGO & Kitagawa Keiko announce their marriage on 11 January

DAIGO and Kitagawa Keiko announced via their official websites and blogs on 11 January that they had submitted their marriage application on the same day. The couple met while filming the Winter 2011 drama "LADY ~ Saigo no Hanzai Profile ~" and their relationship came to light in 2014. DAIGO was said to have proposed to Kitagawa after finishing his 100km marathon for NTV's "24 Jikan Terebi" charity event last August.

In Kitagawa's statement, she mentioned that as she is turning 30 this year, getting married marks the beginning of a new phase in life for her. She also expressed her thanks to everyone around her and pledged to become an even better person and actor from now on. As for DAIGO, he revealed that he already had plans to make the announcement personally after filing the marriage application so he is happy to achieve that (rather than letting the news leak beforehand). He expressed his hope that they will be able to build a happy family together and support each other in their work and private lives. DAIGO ended his announcement by thanking everyone who has been supportive of them and asked for their continued support in future.

DAIGO will be seen in the upcoming NTV Winter 2016 drama "Higanbana ~ Keishicho Sousa Nanaka ~" starting from 13 January while Kitagawa's new movie "No You na Mono No You na Mono" is due to be screened in cinemas from 16 January.

Source: Oricon 1 /  Oricon 2

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