Friday, January 15, 2016

BoA to sing the theme song for FujiTV drama SP "Ooku"

BoA who is celebrating her 15th anniversary since her debut, will be singing the theme song for FujiTV drama SP "Ooku" featuring Sawajiri Erika. The drama SPs which will be shown on 22nd and 29th January, will be the first in the "Ooku" series to have a theme song with English lyrics. BoA commented that the song titled "Make Me Complete" which is due to be released via streaming websites from 22 January, will be an unique combination with the traditional beauty of "Ooku" and is honoured to be singing the theme song for the drama SPs. When she received the offer to sing the song, it was specifically mentioned that an English song was needed. Although she has sung in English many times below, this is the first English sentimental ballad she is singing so she views this as a new challenge for her 15th anniversary.

The last time BoA had sung a drama theme song was for the 2008 TV Asahi drama "Shichinin no Onna Bengoshi".

Source: Oricon / Sanspo

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