Thursday, January 07, 2016

Becky & Gesu no Kiwami Otome vocalist Kawatani Enon embroiled in affair scandal

Becky and Kawatani Enon, the vocalist of popular rock band Gesu no Kiwami Otome, are reportedly dating according to the latest issue of "Shukan Bunshun" to be published on 7 January. However, due to the fact that Kawatani is married, the two of them are said to be actually having an affair. In the article, Becky and Kawatani were reported to have spent Christmas Eve together and he had also introduced her to his parents. Photos of them leaving his family apartment in his hometown and them being caught in a surprise interview at that moment were also published in the article.

In response to this, Becky held a press conference in the evening of 6 January and apologised for the inconvenience, concern and trouble caused by this matter. She admitted that she is a fan of Kawatani and had been to his concerts and went out for meals together. Becky also confirmed that she had spent the New Year holidays at his hometown in Nagasaki with him. Despite the fact that she claimed that they are not dating, she acknowledged that her actions were not appropriate and caused an unnecessary misunderstanding about the nature of their relationship. As such, she apologised to her fans and working partners as well as Kawatani's family, fans and related personnel for the controversy and will reflect on herself.

On the same evening, Kawatani's agency also released a statement from him which stated that Becky is just a close friend. In addition, he announced officially for the first time that he had married his wife last summer. Kawatani acknowledged that as a married man, he should have been more careful about his behaviour and the misunderstanding brought about by his actions. He apologised for what happened and said that he needs to reflect on what he had done.

Source: Oricon 1 / Oricon 2


junny said...

So she has to do the whole press conference + apology while he gets away with a statement issued by the agency? Jeez.

Chiaki said...

Much as I am not a fan of the two of them and I don't really care if they apologise to the public or not, I think the guy is really a coward for hiding behind his agency and thinking that things can blow over with just a statement. I get the point about how some celebrities are still supporting them despite what happened and the talk about valuing their work achievements but to a public figure especially in Japan, this kind of news is still a big blow to their public image.

Subsequent reports reveal a lot more information about what happened between them. Much as Becky is at fault to a certain extent for continuing to date this guy even after knowing about his marital status and behaving so frivolously as if the wife didn't exist, the guy hid his marital status from her in the first place.

If the reports are true, the media actually got wind of rumours about him being married last year but he denied it and claimed that his wife was merely his friend/fan (differing versions). After getting married in July, he already had his roving eye outside and started dating Becky in October. And choosing to spend Christmas with his lover rather than his wife and bringing her to meet his parents was really unthinkable. I also wondered if his parents felt that it was inappropriate for their son to bring Becky home given that they already had a daughter-in-law. Given that it is said that it was his wife who provided all the LINE messages to the media and her friends helped in tipping off the media during the Christmas and New Year dates, I guess that shows how frustrated she must have been so as to get back at them.

junny said...

Given his behaviour, I wonder if he even told his parents he got married. If he didn't, that would explain why the parents didn't find it odd for him to invite Becky over. What a douchebag.

Not a fan of Becky, but I did like her okay in Nodame. Hope it blows over for her eventually.