Thursday, June 16, 2016

SKE48's Matsui Jurina to be the lead for TBS Summer 2016 drama "Shihei"

SKE48's Matsui Jurina will take on her first leading role in a drama when she appears in the TBS Summer 2016 drama "Shihei" (Death Cash) which begins its run from 13 July 2016 in the Wednesdays 12.10am timeslot. She plays the role of Minami Yuka, an university student who has the power to see other people's deaths through her strong sixth sense. When she happens to witness the death of her friend who had used a cursed 10,000 yen note with the eyes of Fukuzawa Yukichi being stained black, she is embroiled in a series of strange incidents involving the people around her who die under questionable circumstances. With the help of police officer Wakamoto Takeshi played by Totsugi Shigeyuki, they try to find out the truth behind the "death cash".

Co-stars include Kakei Toshio who play Yuka's professor Zaitsu Taichiro, Hayama Shono and Nishida Mai who plays Yuka's classmates, Nakamura Yurika who plays Yuka's senior and Shirasu Jin who plays her senior and a javelin athlete. Yamada Yuki will play Yuka's senior who she admires while Yoshioka Riho will play Yuka's best friend.

This is the first time that Matsui is playing an university student and she is taking over the same timeslot as her senior Maeda Atsuko who appeared in this season's "Busujima Yuriko no Sekirara Nikki". As such, although she is happy about being able to be the lead, she is also feeling the pressure but will work hard with her co-stars who are more experienced than her.

Source: Crankin

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