Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Matsuzaka Tori & Suda Masaki to play brothers in new movie "Kiseki - Ano hi no Sobito-"

Matsuzaka Tori and Suda Masaki will be the leads in the new movie "Kiseki - Ano hi no Sobito -" (Kiseki - The Sobito of That Day) which is due to be shown during New Year 2017. The movie which describes the journey of 4-member vocal group GReeeeN before they released their 2008 hit song "Kiseki", will feature Matsuzaka as JIN, the group's producer and Suda as HIDE, the group's leader and JIN's younger brother. Although Matsuzaka and Suda have worked together thrice so far, this is the first time that they are playing brothers. The movie is based on true happenings and includes conflicts between family members and friends. The word "Sobito" is a word created by GReeeeN which means an amateur or person of the sky who attempts new challenges freely.

GReeeeN made their debut in 2007 as a group who did not show their faces. Other than the fact that the members are all registered dentists, there is little known about them. The song "Kiseki" was the most downloaded single in Japan which made it to the Guinness Book of Records and was the theme song for TBS drama series "ROOKIES".

Matsuzaka revealed that he didn't know what to expect at first when told about the movie offer but after meeting JIN and HIDE during a meal in early May, he became intrigued and was touched by their story. As he has to sing in the movie, Matsuzaka admitted that he was worried but JIN assured him that he'll be fine if he sings in an enjoyable way. As for Suda, he was impressed by how the members managed to juggle being dentists and musicians at the same time and is eager to express their story through the movie.

Sources: Nikkansports / Sanspo / Oricon

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