Sunday, June 26, 2016

Ayase Haruka, Tsutsumi Shinichi & Hamada Gaku to star in new movie "Honnouji Hotel"

Ayase Haruka, Tsutsumi Shinichi and Hamada Gaku will be starring in the new movie "Honnouji Hotel" directed by Suzuki Masayuki which will be shown next year. The actors and Suzuki last worked together in the 2011 movie "Princess Toyotomi" which achieved 1.62 billion yen in box office takings. In this film which is an original story, it will depict what happened one day before the Honnouji Incident which is said to be the largest mystery in Japanese history. It will begin from present-day Kyoto where Mayuko (Ayase) is troubled over marriage and incidentally goes to the Honnouji Hotel to stay where she meets Oda Nobunaga (Tsutsumi) and his guard Mori Ranmaru (Hamada) from the Warring Era.

Ayase commented that as she had worked with Tsutsumi and director Suzuki many times, she is eagerly awaiting the filming taking place this summer and will work hard with the cast and crew to deliver an entertaining and funny film to the viewers. As for Tsutsumi, he praised Ayase for being a wonderful actress and with the addition of good actors like Hamada and Kazama Morio, he is confident that the movie will turn out well. Last but not least, Hamada commented that he is honoured to be playing Ranmaru who was said to be a very good-looking man and thinks that people might be disappointed at first to hear that he is playing this character but he will do his best to make his character come alive and impress the viewers.

Other members in the cast include Kazama who plays the hotel's manager and Hirayama Hiroyuki who plays Mayuko's boyfriend. Filming is going to start in the beginning of July, expected to wrap up by late August and will be done entirely in Kyoto.


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