Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Matsuyama Kenichi & Saotome Taichi to be back in WOWOW drama "Futagashira 2"

Matsuyama Kenichi and Saotome Taichi will be back in the WOWOW drama "Futagashira 2" which will begin its run from September. The duo were the leads in the first series which spanned 5 episodes from June to July last year and are back in the sequel to reprise their roles as Benzo and Soji respectively who try to make it to the top of Edo this time.

Matsuyama commented that he is looking forward to acting in the new sequel which allows him to experience things unique to period dramas. He also said that the drama will showcase the cool charm of men and the womanly charm of women so it will be a must-see for viewers. As for Saotome, he is looking forward to do things that he couldn't show in the last series and wants to challenge himself in the sequel.

Source: Oricon

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