Sunday, June 26, 2016

First-day screening event of new movie "Fukigen na Kakko"

The first-day screening event of new movie "Fukigen na Kakko" was held at Theatre Shinjuku on 25 June 2016 which was attended by director Maeda Shiro and cast members Koizumi Kyoko, Nikaidou Fumi, Koura Kengo and Itao Itsuji. Koizumi and Nikaidou who play mother and daughter in the movie, had nothing but praise for each other. Nikaidou commented that she was very happy to be able to spend time with Koizumi and learnt many things from her. In return, Koizumi also complimented Nikaidou for being a reliable and attractive actress and even revealed that when they met up recently, the latter was dressed in a slightly revealing outfit so Koizumi couldn't help but touch her bare skin.

Koura joined in by praising the two actresses for being able to breathe life into any character they play and aims to be like them in future. However, he admitted to being very nervous when Koizumi was around because he was in awe of her. Koizumi then joked that he must have been frightened of her because she is a scary person which led Koura to deny this quickly.


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