Sunday, June 05, 2016

Taira Airi & Nagatomo Yuto go public with their relationship

Japanese national soccer team player Nagatomo Yuto and Taira Airi admitted on 2 June that they are an item after reports of them dating surfaced in the 3 June issue of "FRIDAY". Nagatomo was asked by the media about this after the practice session for the upcoming Kirin Cup match against Bulgaria the following day and referred to Taira as his amore. Nagatomo revealed that the reason for his admission was because he wanted to talk about the relationship personally rather than leave it to the media to speculate and debunked FRIDAY's report that he and Taira are going to have a shotgun marriage. When asked about marriage plans, Nagatomo said that he wants to get married soon but there are no concrete plans as yet. Taira had also informed her agency's management about their relationship which was met with positive response from her president. On the same day of Nagatomo's announcement, Taira also updated her blog and denied that she is pregnant.

According to media reports, Nagatomo and Taira got to know each other through comedian Sanpei two and a half years ago and started dating one year ago. Taira had been to Italy to visit Nagatomo during his off-season vacation as he has been based there since he joined Inter Milan in January 2011. Taira started out as an actress, had a leading role in the "20th Century Boys) movies trilogy and can be seen on variety shows these days.

Source: Sponichi

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