Thursday, June 23, 2016

"Kodoku no Gurume SP! Tohoku Miyagi Shucchou Hen" to be shown this summer

TV Tokyo will be showing the latest instalment in the "Kodoku no Gurume" series this summer. In the SP titled "Kodoku no Gurume SP! Tohoku Miyagi Shucchou Hen", Matsushige Yutaka who plays the lead character Igashira Goro, will be going on a business trip to Miyagi City in the Tohoku region and continue his journey as a "food terrorist". (Note: Kodoku no Gurume is regarded as a food terrorist drama because it is shown late in the night and the food featured will make the viewers crave for something to eat even though the broadcast time is way too late at night for them to be eating. As such, it is "torture" to the viewers to be fighting their desire and hunger pangs while watching this drama. ^__^)

"Kodoku no Gurume" which is based on the same-titled manga by Kusumi Masayuki, has seen five seasons made to date. Of these, Season 5 got the highest average ratings  and a New Year SP in Asahikawa, Hokkaido was aired this year on 1 January. In the upcoming SP, Goro will be visiting Sendai City and Onnagawa-cho and pass by Ishinomaki City and try the local delicacies. Filming has already been completed.

Matsushige commented that even though the Kodoku no Gurume series has seen many instalments to date, this is the first time that they are introducing delicious food from Tohoku and he is confident that viewers will be feeling hungry while they watch this. Especially since this is the first time he has set foot on this region since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami, he was reminded of what happened because of the lingering after-effects still visible there. However, the locals have remained at their hometowns and are still producing really tasty cuisine so he hopes to see more people visiting the area after watching this SP.

Source: Dwango

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