Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kubota Masataka & Shimizu Fumika to star in the real-life movie adaptation of "Tokyo Ghoul"

Kubota Masataka and Shimizu Fumika will be starring in the real-life movie adaptation of popular manga "Tokyo Ghoul" by Ishida Sui which had sold more than 18 million copies to date. Kubota will be playing the lead character Kaneki Ken while the heroine Kirishima Touka will be played by Shimizu. The movie to be directed by Hagiwara Kentaro will be shown in summer 2017.

The story is set in Tokyo where ordinary people and ghouls who look like humans but need to eat human flesh in order to survive live together. While on a date with a ghoul Rize, Kaneki meets with an accident which results in him being sent to hospital for surgery using Rize's organs. When Kaneki recovers, he discovers that he has become a half-ghoul and must cope with the changes in his body while from keeping the truth from the people he loves and his friends and evading the pursuit of CCG i.e. Commission of Counter Ghoul, the government agency which deals with crimes related to ghouls.

The manga's author Ishida was full of praise for the actors and revealed that he became impressed with Kubota when he was in the midst of work and happened to see a CM then, At that time, he was surprised by Kubota's acting skills and felt that he would be like Kaneki if the character did exist in the real world. Although he thinks that many people would have already known about Kubota's acting prowess, Ishida feels that more people would come to know about his strengths through this movie. As for Shimizu, she was chosen at the recommendation of Ishida who revealed that he made a rather tough demand on her before the offer was made officially but she still accepted the challenge. As such, Ishida realised how strong her willpower is and thought that she is a good match for Touka's role.

Kubota commented that he is fully aware that many fans of this manga would have strong feelings towards the characters and expectations of the actors who are going to play them so there is a certain degree of pressure for him to play the leading role. However, the letter from Ishida with lots of encouraging words for him is a great boost to his morale and he pledged to do his best to play Kaneki as he is also a fan of the manga. As for Shimizu, she pledged to do her best so that the people who offered this role to her would not regret their choice.


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