Monday, June 27, 2016

First-day screening event of new movie "TOO YOUNG TO DIE! Wakakushite Shinu"

The first-day screening event of new movie "TOO YOUNG TO DIE! Wakakushite Shinu" was held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills on 25 June which was attended by the director Kudo Kankuro and cast members Nagase Tomoya, Kamiki Ryunosuke, Ono Machiko, Morikawa Aoi, Kiritani Kenta, Seino Nana, Furutachi Kanji and Minagawa Sarutoki. The movie features Kamiki as a senior high school student Daisuke who ends up death in a bus accident while on a school trip and falls into hell. While there, he joins a hell's band made up of devils played by Nagase, Kiritani and Seino.

The movie was originally scheduled to be screened from 5 February but due to the ski bus accident in Nagano Prefecture on 15 January, the screening was postponed. As such, the cast were especially happy that the movie can finally be seen by viewers. Nagase recounted that the filming was done exactly one year ago from the screening date and he was very glad to see that the movie can be screened now especially since he thought that they had a wonderful crew and cast to make this possible. Kudo addressed the full-house audience that as the movie is based on the hell depicted in Buddhism, he jokingly called upon them to view this movie multiple times so as to do a good deed for them.

When asked who they thought was a devil among them, Kiritani said that Kamiki was very much like one. He explained that when they were having curry one day during the filming, everyone was shocked to see Kamiki putting just one teaspoon of the curry sauce with the rice on his plate even though everyone else had equal portions of the rice and curry sauce on their plates. As such, they all thought that he was abnormal from that point onwards. Nagase also recounted one incident when Kamiki had to be tied and hung up in the air during an interrogation scene, he told the staff not to let him down during the filming breaks and smiled to them that he was fine being hung up as it was. As such, they thought that he seemed to relish being tied up and hung in this manner and concluded that he was abnormal after all.

When asked who they wanted to be if they went through reincarnation, Kamiki said that he wanted to become Nagase as he was very impressed with how the latter played the guitar. Nagase recounted that this is the first time in a long while since he and Kamiki worked together and he was especially happy to see how much Kamiki had grown over the years.


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