Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sawamura Ikki & Kuroki Meisa star in FujiTV / Kansai TV Spring 2014 drama "Black President"

Sawamura Ikki and Kuroki Meisa will be co-starring in the FujiTV & Kansai TV Spring 2014 drama "Black President" which begins its run from 8 April at 10pm on Tuesdays. Sawamura will play the role of Mitamura Yukio, the president of a fast-growing apparel company who enters university to learn about management so as to learn the basics. However, his company is widely known as a "black company" i.e. one which resorts to inhumane and illegal work policies and subjects its employees to harsh treatment. Despite this, Mitamura doesn't feel that he is in the wrong in any way and strongly hates the ideas of being ordinary, afraid of failure and inability to do things. Kuroki will play a newbie lecturer at the university by the name of Akiyama Kyoko who is vastly different from Mitamura but ends up changing his mindset over time. As Sawamura and Kuroki had worked together in the past, they are both looking forward to their collaboration this time.

Co-stars include Kuninaka Ryoko, Nagai Masaru, Shirakawa Yumi, Kadowaki Mugi, Takada Sho, Nagase Tasuku and Takatsuki Sara.



chan said...

What name of series both they're join together?

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to this one.
Just curious..I wonder who is Chiaki and how old is she?
I like reading your blog.