Saturday, March 01, 2014

NTV receives an Internet petition containing 7,000 signatures asking for the termination of "Ashita, Mama ga inai"

Just when you thought that the saga was dying down, it comes back with a new development. A couple of days ago, NTV's CEO just said that they won't issue a specific apology to the children in welfare homes because of this drama and now, there's a new move from someone.

According to the Sanspo report, a male student in the second year of senior high from Kagoshima City, sent an Internet petition containing 7,000 signatures to NTV and asked for the termination of the drama and a public apology to children in welfare homes. Apparently, the Internet petition was started on 22 January and NTV has confirmed receipt of this petition.

I'm not belittling the efforts of this student and all those who signed the petition but I'm a bit skeptical about how much of an effect this will have on the whole saga. It's already March and the winter 2014 season is coming to an end soon so would it matter if NTV ends the drama just one or two weeks before its original scheduled end date? As for the apology, once the drama ends, it's even more unlikely NTV will spend time and effort dealing with the parties who want it to apologise. That's why I feel a little bad for those who prepared this petition because it looks likely that all the efforts will be in vain.

On the other hand, I've read comments criticising NTV for making changes to the drama until it deviated too much from its initial social-problems focus. Seems like you really can't please everyone...

Source: Sanspo

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