Sunday, March 02, 2014

Akanishi Jin leaves Johnny's Jimusho officially after the expiration of his contract

Akanishi Jin has left Johnny's Jimusho officially as of the end of February after his contract expired. According to the agency, both parties decided not to renew the contract.

Akanishi was part of 6-member boy group KAT-TUN which made its debut in March 2006 but he left the group for a while to pursue language studies in the United States before officially breaking off in July 2010. Later, Akanishi got married to actress Kuroki Meisa in February 2012 without informing the agency in advance which led to him being suspended for work for a period of time and his nationwide concert tour being cancelled. Although he managed to release two new songs and an album last year, the controversy over his marriage limited his activities to a certain extent. Last autumn, Akanishi was involved in discussions with his agency and expressed his wish to pursue his interests freely thus both sides decided not to renew the contract when it expired.

Nonetheless, despite Akanishi's departure from the agency, his concert DVD to be released in April will still be sold on schedule but there are no plans for further music releases at the moment according to his record company Warner Music Japan.

Source: Sanspo

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