Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Ono Machiko to star in FujiTV Spring 2014 Gekku "Gokuaku Ganbo"

Ono Machiko will be taking on her first leading role in a FujiTV Gekku when she appears in the Spring 2014 drama "Gokuaku Ganbo" which begins its run from April. The drama which is based on the comic by Tajima Takashi and Kochi Takahiro who are known for their works such as "Kabachitare!", will be set in a fictitious town named Kanekure (sounds the same as give me money in Japanese) located in Hiroshima Prefecture, where the male lead character Kanzaki Mamoru will be changed to a woman named Kanzaki Kaoru for Ono's sake. The word "ganbo" in the title means gangster in the Hiroshima dialect.

Kanzaki came from a family which had operated an okonomiyaki restaurant but it went bust and caused her family to slip into poverty. After junior high school graduation and having switched many jobs, she was deceived by her colleague which led to her being straddled with a huge debt. As a result, she decides to join the "black business" named Koshimizu Management Consultant where she solves problems which the police nor lawyers would not want to dabble in. The people also working in this company will be played by actors such as Shiina Kippei, Kobayashi Kaoru and Miura Tomokazu.

Source: Sanspo

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