Thursday, March 20, 2014

Completion premiere event of new movie "Team Batista Final - Kerberos no Shouzou"

The completion premiere event of new movie "Team Batista Final - Kerberos no Shouzou" was held on 20 March which was attended by the cast members Ito Atsushi, Nakamura Toru, Nishijima Hidetoshi, Kiritani Mirei, Matsuzaka Tori and Kuriyama Chiaki as well as the director Hoshino Kazunari. The movie which will be shown in cinemas from 29 March, is based on the novel by Kaido Takeru but will have an original storyline which differs from the original. Ito plays the role of Taguchi Kohei, a nice guy-doctor specialising in psychosomatic medicine, who teams up with the weirdo official Shiratori Keisuke (Nakamura) from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, to solve difficult cases.

Nakamura commented that it has been a long six years since the first drama series started in 2008 and he was glad that the final movie is ready to be seen by everyone although he was also sad about the Batista series ending. Ito also revealed that when he did the first drama, he never expected that there would be sequels and said that he was a bit worried about the last movie when he got the offer. However, he thinks that it is a good thing that the final work will be shown on a theatre screen.

Nakamura also praised co-star Nishijima for looking very cool as a genius doctor in the final movie and expressed his jealousy about this. In return, Nishijima revealed that he had wanted to become buddies with Nakamura in the movie although he never made it known in the past but it was just too bad that the bond between Nakamura and Ito was so strong that he could not come between them. Upon hearing this, Ito jokingly apologised for "hogging" Nakamura but it couldn't be helped since they are the Batista partners.

Source: Oricon 1 /  Oricon 2

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