Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Press conference of WOWOW drama SP "Umoreru"

The press conference of WOWOW's new drama SP "Umoreru" was held on 19 March which was attended by the lead actor Kiritani Kenta and the director Yoshida Yasuhiro. The drama SP will be shown on 20 March at 9pm and is based on the award-winning work in the 6th WOWOW Original Scenario Award. Kiritani commented that when he saw the screening of this drama SP, he was convinced that this would become his signature work and believes that people would see him in a different light from his usual hyperactive and passionate guy roles after watching this SP. As Kiritani's character would reunite with his first love played by Kuninaka Ryoko in this drama, he was asked about his first love but Kiritani said that he probably wouldn't be able to recognise his first love i.e. his kindergarten teacher even if they walk past each other on the street now.

Source: Sanspo

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