Thursday, March 06, 2014

Preview of "Hitojichi no Roudokukai" (WOWOW drama SP)

Title: Hitojichi no Roudokukai 人質の朗読会 (The hostage's recital)
Official website: here
Broadcast by: WOWOW
O.A. Date: 8 March 2014, 8pm
Original novel by: Ogawa Yoko
Cast: Sato Ryuta, Haru, Nishida Naomi, Otani Naoko, Hasegawa Tomoharu, Hara Hideko, Anan Kenji, Miura Takahiro, Washio Machiko, Tokunaga Eri, Leo K, Hidari Tokie, Sasaki Sumie

A terrorist attack takes place in a South American country which leads to the death of 6 Japanese hostages as the negotiations for their release take longer than expected...

Two years later, a radio station's news reporter Nakahara (Sato) is contacted by Hitomi (Haru), the daughter of one of the hostages who died. Hitomi tells Nakahara that the military which had tried to rescue the hostages then had planted bugs at the terrorists' bases and this allowed them to record the voices of the hostages. At that time, the hostages were taking turns talking about their backgrounds and how they lived through the hostage crisis before they were killed. Hitomi gets the tapes which contained these "recitals" by the hostages and wants Nakahara to make them known to the public...

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