Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ihara Tsuyoshi to be the lead for the first time in NTV Spring 2014 drama "Tokubou Keisatsucho Tokushu Bouhanka"

Ihara Tsuyoshi will be taking on his first lead role in a drama through the NTV Spring 2014 production "Tokubou Keisatsucho Tokushu Bouhanka" which begins its run from 3 April at 11.59pm on Thursdays. Coincidentally, Ihara is 50 years old this year and commented that he will do his best and make full use of this opportunity which has taken a long time to come by.

The drama is based on the manga titled "Tokubou Asakura Souhei" by Takahashi Hidebu which describes how Asakura Souhei, the superintendent of the Tokubou section that appears to be a redundant unit and made up of just two people, metes out punishment to those who can't be punished by the law. Asakura's pet phrase is "aa ~ shinitai" (Ah, I want to die) which gives the impression that he has no energy or desire to do anything but unknown to everyone, he actually punishes those who can't be dealt with by the law through subjecting them to mental abuse and humiliation in order to put them on the right path again. As Asakura is a health freak, there will be scenes of him training in the gym and shower. On the other hand, Asakura's boss i.e. senior superintendent Kano Miyuki will be played by Adachi Yumi who is the one giving him orders while Matsushita Kohei will play the role of Tsuji Keiichi who gets embroiled into Asakura's missions unwittingly.

Filming will begin at the end of February.

Source: Mantan Web

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