Saturday, February 22, 2014

Nikaido Fumi qualifies for entry into Keio University's Faculty of Policy Management

Nikaido Fumi has qualified for entry into prestigious private university Keio University's Faculty of Policy Management, as revealed on 21 Feb. Although Nikaido was supposed to have taken part in the university entrance exam in 2012 when she was in the third year of senior high school, her tight filming schedule made it difficult for her to concentrate on her studies thus she decided to wait for a year before attempting the exam. Initially, she wanted to enroll in the Faculty of Literature but later decided that the Faculty of Policy Management allowed her to learn various things and gain a wide range of experience along the way. The faculty is located in Keio's campus at Shonan Fujisawa and students will be allowed to take subjects outside of their faculty. It was reported that Nikaido had passed the admissions office's interview test after she was selected in the first round based on her school results and extra-curricular activities.

When interviewed about her success in the university entrance exam, Nikaido's agency commented that she hopes to be able to balance her work and studies and will put in her best for both areas.

Source: Asahi Digital


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry but, Is that picture of Miyazaki Aoi?

Chiaki said...

They look quite alike but no, this is the picture of Nikaido Fumi. ^__^ There were many times in the past I had to look twice to ascertain who I was looking at so the resemblance is really hard to ignore.

Anonymous said...

oh...i see they're really look alike xD

kevin said...

They do look alike at times around the nose and eyes, but that's definitely Aoi Miyazaki, probably circa 2009 when she had that haircut.

Anonymous said...

yeah, that's definitely Miyazaki Aoi. I'm a fan of both of them, and as much as they look alike, I still can tell the difference.

btw congrats Fumi-chan for passing the exam!