Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fukada Kyoko reportedly broke up with Igarashi Maasa and in a new relationship?

Fukada Kyoko is said to have broken up with her actor-boyfriend Igarashi Maasa and in a new relationship, according to the 25th February issue of "Josei Jishin". The article mentioned that Fukada is dating the owner of an Italian restaurant who is 3 years older than her and the couple reportedly spent two nights in a row at Fukada's apartment in mid February. It was said that Fukada and Igarashi broke up early this year while Fukada's agency commented that the supposed new boyfriend is one of Fukada's friends.

When Fukada appeared at the praying ceremony for her new movie "Idai naru, Shurarabon" on 25 February with her co-stars Okada Masaki and Hamada Gaku, she was asked about her dating rumour by the reporters but Fukada replied with a smile that work comes first for her now and she shook her head when asked if her Prince Charming had already appeared.

Source: Sanspo / Sanspo

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