Sunday, February 02, 2014

Production press conference of stage play "Ao no Ran"

The production press conference of Gekidan Shinkansen's new play "Ao no Ran" was held on 30 January which was attended by the cast members Amami Yuki, Matsuyama Kenichi, Hira Mikijiro, Saotome Taichi etc. The play will begin its run in Tokyo from 27 March and in Osaka from 8 May. The play is set in a fictitious country based during the Heian era where Matsuyama plays the role of Taira no Masakado while Amami plays his wife Souma. As Gekidan Shinkansen's plays are known for their action scenes, there was concern if Amami could handle these especially after she had to step down from her play last May due to an acute heart condition. With response to this, Amami stressed that there was no side effects after that illness and she is able to take on the role without any problems. She commented that this is her third Gekidan Shinkansen play to date and there is a romance element this time so she will be taking good care of herself in order to do the best in this role. As for Matsuyama who plays Amami's husband in the play, he praised her for being so special that she doesn't seem like a normal human being so he will have to put in extra effort to match her stage presence.

Source: Sanspo

* I thought of watching this because I will be in Japan when the play starts but too bad, the first four days' tickets in Tokyo were all sold out yesterday! And to think that they only started ticket sales yesterday at 10am Japan time! Seems like I am not fated to catch Amami and Matsuyama live in action. :-(

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