Thursday, February 27, 2014

Conclusion of filming for NHK morning drama "Gochisousan"

Filming for the NHK morning drama "Gochisousan" wrapped up on 25 February at the NHK Osaka studio and the cast including the lead An was at the wrap-up ceremony to meet the press. Filming had gone on for a long nine months and when asked to reflect on the filming period, An said that it was a very rare and enjoyable experience for her.

"Gochisousan" has an average rating of 22.3% in the Kanto region up to its 24th February broadcast which makes it higher than the previous morning drama "Ama-chan" which had an average of 20.6%. The last episode of "Gochisousan" will be shown on 29 March and the next offering starring Yoshitaka Yuriko will begin its run from 31 March.

Source: Sanspo

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Anonymous said...

Don't have Masahiro in this picture. Does that means he died in the previous episode?