Sunday, February 02, 2014

Takito Kenichi to star in his first leading role through TV Tokyo Spring 2014 drama "Ore no Dandy-ism"

Takito Kenichi whose popularity was boosted by his character Kondo in last year's hit drama "Hanzawa Naoki", will be taking on his first leading role in the TV Tokyo Spring 2014 drama "Ore no Dandy-ism" due to be shown from April on Wednesdays. He will play the role of a section chief in a company who aspires to be a dandy man after hearing a newbie female employee declare that she likes such men. During his transformation process, the character will explore trends in fashion  like what clothes and watch to wear and what accessories to carry which will offer insight to viewers who also aspire to learn more about what makes a man dandy.

When asked about his thoughts about getting his first leading role, Takito said that he thought it was a prank and didn't really believe it. However, he is now eagerly awaiting the start of the filming from mid March and feels that he can also benefit personally by learning new things through acting in this drama.

Source: Sponichi


Keiko said...

When I first read about this drama I thought about the book "Den Döende Dandyn" (US and UK title: "The Killer's Art") by Mari Jungstedt. In it the painting "The Dying Dandy" by Nils Dardel is stolen.

In the fancy art galleries a merciless murderer hides. Unreliable and closer than no one can imagine.

Free Stuff Finder said...

Looking forward to seeing the dramas this spring.

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