Saturday, February 08, 2014

Takeuchi Yuko makes her stage debut in Mitani Koki's "Kimi to Nara"

Takeuchi Yuko will be making her stage debut for the first time in her 18-year career when she takes on the leading role in the Mitani Koki production "Kimi to Nara" (If it's with you) which begins its run from August at the Parco Theatre in Tokyo. The play was first performed in 1995 with Saito Yuki as its lead and re-staged again in 1997. Takeuchi plays the heroine Koiso Ayumi who has a 70-year-old boyfriend that is even older than her own father. One day, when her boyfriend visits her family, this causes chaos as Ayumi's family struggles to come to terms with this shocking revelation.

Takeuchi commented that she is happy to be able to act in a play but she's also scared at the same time. However, since she's working with Mitani again (they last worked on the WOWOW drama SP "Daikukou 2013"), she feels that she will be able to overcome her stage fright. As for Mitani, he said that he was convinced that Takeuchi was suited for stage plays after working with her last year and has faith that she will do well this time too.

Cast announcements for the role of Ayumi's father, mother, younger sister and boyfriend will be made known at a later date.

Source: Sponichi

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