Sunday, February 02, 2014

Ozawa Maju to get married to a dentist 8 years younger than her; currently 2 months pregnant

Ozawa Maju announced through her agency on 31 January that she will be getting married to a dentist 8 years younger than her in mid February and that she is currently 2 months' pregnant and due to give birth in mid September. Ozawa and her future husband met through a mutual friend and dated for about 2 years before deciding to get married. There are no plans for a wedding at the moment.

Ozawa also wrote on her Facebook page and blog on 1 February saying that as her husband is not working in the entertainment circle, she feels that it's best to protect his privacy and not reveal too many details about him. However, she did mention that he resembles Tintin from "The Adventures of Tintin" in the sense that he has a young heart but has black hair instead. As for her work plans, Ozawa said that she hopes to continue with it as long as her condition allows it.

Source: Sanspo