Sunday, April 08, 2018

Production press conference of new TV Tokyo Spring 2018 drama "Headhunter"

The production press conference of new TV Tokyo Spring 2018 drama "Headhunter" was held at the TV station on 26 March which was attended by cast members Eguchi Yosuke, Koike Eiko and Sugimoto Tetta. The drama begins its run from 16 April in the newly set-up drama timeslot "Dorama Biz" at 10pm on Mondays which is meant to present dramas about working adults. Once the drama has finished its run on TV Tokyo, it will be shown on BS Japan. It will also be streamed on paid video streaming service Paravi from April 2018.

The story describes how Kurosawa Kazuki (Eguchi), a maverick in the headhunting industry who works in a small human resource and recruiting firm SAGASU, goes all out to fight for the sake of others, the companies and himself. Meanwhile, Akagi Kyoko (Koike) who works as a senior in a major outplacement services company Bridge, hates Kurosawa's overbearing ways and treats him like a rival. Haitani Tetsuya (Sugimoto) who is an employee of SAGASU, has known Kurosawa for as long as 30 years but actually doesn't know the details of his background.

Coincidentally, the three actors all appear on TV Tokyo's economic programmes i.e. Eguchi as the introducing host for "Gaia no Yoake" on Tuesdays 10pm, Koike as the sub-interviewer of "Cambria Kyuuden" and Sugimoto as the narrator of "Gaia no Yoake".  Eguchi commented that as this is a new initiative to make dramas which can withstand the scrutiny of mature audiences, the president of TV Tokyo gave them the freedom to do what they wished which made him wonder if it was fine to do so. However, this meant that this drama would be quite unlike the offerings to date so he expressed his eager anticipation about how this would turn out. As for Koike, she said that acting in this drama felt like she was "headhunted" from "Cambria Kyuuden" and there was no reason she would say no to working with such wonderful seniors. In addition, she was honoured and happy to be a part of a new drama timeslot where they have no idea what is considered successful so they could go all out to be experimental with the details in this drama. Meanwhile, Sugimoto accidentally blurted out a spoiler about the meaning of their characters' surnames i.e. Kurosawa - black, Akagi - red and Haitani - grey having to do with how they are connected and hoped that viewers would check this out in the drama.

The cast were asked if they are to be headhunted, which industry would they want to work in. Eguchi said that he likes to make things so he would like to be doing something standard or traditional and also joked that he wants to become Japan's Sex Pistols. As for Koike, she wants to utilise her skills honed from her stints as assistants in variety shows so she would like to become a company president's secretary. As for Sugimoto, he chose to become a producer so that he could choose himself to become part of the cast for the works whic led Koike to poke fun at him for having such a hidden ambition.

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