Saturday, April 14, 2018

Oosugi Ren's last leading role in a movie "Kyoukaishi" to be shown from 6 October 2018

"Kyoukaishi" (Prison Chaplain), the last movie featuring the late Oosugi Ren in a leading role, will be screened in cinemas from 6 October 2018. He was also the executive producer of this movie. The director Sako Dai revealed that he was the one who brought up the proposal for this movie to Oosugi at a small cafe three years ago which the latter agreed to taking on the leading role on the spot. Sako said that he still found it difficult to accept Oosugi's sudden demise and commented that he was reminded again of how good Oosugi's acting was through this movie. As such, he felt that everyone would probably feel the same way after watching this movie. He also talked about how Oosugi tried to keep the morale during the filming high and even went to the extent of arranging for catering services for 10 days on his own expense and shouldered part of the production costs. For one of the cast members who had to play someone from Tokushima, Oosugi whose hometown was in Tokushima, even recorded the lines in the dialect for the actor and became the dialect advisor. When Oosugi saw the preview of the movie in December last year, he was very pleased with the result and had told the director that they should start thinking of their next project.

The movie features Oosugi as a chaplain named Saeki who strives to instill a sense of right and wrong and give emotional relief to the prison inmates. He will be counselling 6 death row inmates who live in single cells in this story largely made up of conversations. Co-stars include Karasume Setsuko, Gozu Takeo, Ogawa Noboru, Furutachi Kanji, Mitsuishi Ken and Tamaoki Reo.

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