Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Haru & Suzuki Kyoka to star in new TV Asahi Spring 2018 drama "Mikaiketsu no Onna Keishicho Bunsho Sousakan"

Haru and Suzuki Kyoka will be starring in the new TV Asahi Spring 2018 drama "Mikaiketsu no Onna Keishicho Bunsho Sousakan" (The unresolved woman Metropolitan Police Department Records Investigator) which will begin its run from April in the Thursdays 9pm timeslot. This will be the actresses' first collaboration in this mystery drama where they play very different police detectives who work together as buddies to crack unresolved cases. The script will be written by Oomori Mika who last worked with Haru in the NHK morning drama "Asa ga kita".

Haru plays the hot-blooded detective Yashiro Tomo who is confident about her physical fitness and judo skills especially since her father is a karate expert. She is burning with a sense of justice and uses her gut feel to conduct investigations. On the other hand, Suzuki plays Narumi Risa who is the intellectual detective and can read between the lines in records and documents to deduce the character and thinking of whoever wrote them. However, she is poor at dealing with other people and prefers words rather than human beings. Although Tomo and Risa are polar opposites, the two of them work well together to take on the unresolved cases when they are posted to the special investigation office's 6th section.

Since the year 2010 when the statute of limitations was lifted for serious crimes, there have been unresolved crime units set up nationwide. This drama's story is based on the existing special investigation office in Metropolitan Police Department which handles such unresolved cases.

Haru commented that as she will be doing the hardcore action scenes, she will leave the task of looking pretty to Suzuki while she gets drenched in sweat. She is also eagerly anticipating how to project the gap between their characters in this drama. As for Suzuki who has not appeared in a TV Asahi drama for 25 years i.e. "Twins Kyoushi" in 1993, she described her character as a very interesting and rational person but there is a strange side to Risa which she hopes to convey through her acting. She is also very excited about her upcoming collaboration with Haru for the next 3 months.

Sources: Oricon / Yomiuri Hochi / Sanspo

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