Monday, April 16, 2018

Ikematsu Sousuke to star in new TV Tokyo Spring 2018 drama "Miyamoto kara kimi e"

Ikematsu Sousuke will be starring in the new TV Tokyo Spring 2018 drama "Miyamoto kara kimi e" (From Miyamoto To You) which will be shown from 6 April in the 12.52am timeslot. The drama is based on the same-titled manga by Arai Hideki serialised between 1990 and 1994 while the theme song "Easy Go" will be sung by Elephant Kashimashi. As Arai is a big fan of the band, the lead character's name was said to have originated from that of the band's vocalist Miyamoto Hiroji. The drama features Ikematsu as Miyamoto Hiroshi, a newbie salesman working for stationery maker Marukita, and how he stumbles in work and love.

Ikematsu who read the manga when he was 22 and claims to be a big fan, commented that he was very much affected by the manga and regarded Miyamoto Hiroshi as his hero as he respected how the character lived. As such, when he got the offer to play Miyamoto, he wondered if he was good enough to do so and pondered over it for about 2 months. As such, he would try his best to find the best way to play Miyamoto and treat this experience with the utmost respect. In addition, as Miyamoto shaved his head when he caused trouble with a rival company and needed to repent, Ikematsu had to do the same and laughed at himself for how he looked like Miyamoto in the manga. He also expressed admiration for Elephant Kashimashi even though he had never met them personally and revealed that he was thankful about them singing the theme song for his drama.

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