Sunday, April 01, 2018

Usuda Asami announces her first pregnancy

Usuda Asami announced on 26 March 2018 that she is currently pregnant with her first child and due to give birth in early summer. In the statement released through her agency, Usuda revealed that she is already 8 months' pregnant and savouring the joy of impending parenthood with her husband Okamoto Reiji, the drummer from rock band OKAMOTO'S. With regard to her future plans, Usuda said that she will try her best in her acting career as per before while monitoring her condition and called for everyone's continued support.

Usuda has two movies coming up this year i.e. "honey" which will be shown from 31 March and "Owatta Hito" which will be shown from 9 June.

Sources: Natalie / Oricon

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