Friday, April 13, 2018

Naitou Takashi & Adachi Yumi reunite in TV Asahi Spring 2018 drama "Keishicho Sousa Ikkacho season 3"

Naitou Takashi will be starring in the new TV Asahi Spring 2018 drama "Keishicho Sousa Ikkacho season 3" which begins its run from 12 April in the Thursdays 8pm timeslot. This season, Adachi Yumi will become one of the regular cast members which marks a reunion of the two in 23 years since they last worked together in the hit NTV dramas "Ienakiko" back in 1994 and 1995. At that time, Adachi was just making her debut as a child actor while Naitou played her alcoholic and abusive father.

Naitou plays the lead character Ooiwa Junichi who leads the first investigation department of Metropolitan Police Department and had climbed up the ranks without sterling credentials. He leads several investigation units and decides on the investigation strategies for serious cases happening within Tokyo. Regular cast members such as Kaneda Akio, Tokoshima Yoshiko, Honda Hirotaro, Yano Koji and Suzuki Hiroki will appear in this new installment along with Adachi who plays a police detective Yanaka Monaka and comedian Hanawa Nobuyuki plays Ooiwa's driver Okuno Chikamichi who is also a police detective.

Naitou joked that although people may have the image of them being on bad terms thanks to the dramas but they are actually quite close. As such, he was especially happy that they finally got to work together again this time. Adachi also echoed his view and said that Naitou was a very special person to her. She was very happy about the fact that he would get to see her acting again after such a long time. Actually, the two of them had a brief collaboration in the 2014 drama "Kasouken no Onna" where Adachi was the guest star. They recalled how everyone was very excited about them talking together and they keep in touch via LINE. Naitou said that Adachi is like his daughter although they are not related by blood while Adachi said that they always talked about doing something one day which would exceed "Ienakiko".

Source: Oricon

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