Sunday, April 01, 2018

Inagaki Goro to star in new movie "Hansekai" along with Hasegawa Hiroki, Ikewaki Chizuru & Shibukawa Kiyohiko

Inagaki Goro will be starring in the new movie "Hansekai" (Half World) directed by Sakamoto Junji which is an original story about 3 men at the age of 39 who are faced with the dilemma of how to live the rest of their lives at this halfway point. Co-stars also include Hasegawa Hiroki, Ikewaki Chizuru and Shibukawa Kiyohiko. Filming began on 14 February.

Inagaki plays the lead character Hiroshi who makes a living by producing Bincho charcoal in a beautiful town located within the mountains. When his junior high school friend Eisuke (Hasegawa) who used to be a Self-Defense Forces officer comes back to their hometown, Hiroshi is struck by how he had never given a thought about inheriting the family business until the latter makes a remark about how he couldn't fathom why Hiroshi would do such a thing. His other ex-classmate Mitsuhiko (Shibukawa) also points out how Hiroshi doesn't care for his wife Hatsuno (Ikewaki) and son by leaving her to take care of the child alone. When Hiroshi comes to know about Eisuke's past, he makes up his mind to treat his work and family seriously.

Inagaki said that he was very happy and honoured to be given the chance to act in Sakamoto's movie as he has been a fan of the director. He remarked that it is uncommon for a drama or movie to talk about 3 men at this age and he himself had not acted in anything like this before so he felt that this would be an interesting experience.

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