Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tsumabuki Satoshi to star in new WOWOW Winter 2018 drama "Innocent Days"

Tsumabuki Satoshi will be starring in the new WOWOW Winter 2018 drama "Innocent Days" based on the same-titled novel by Hayami Kazumasa which consists of 6 episodes and will begin its run from 18 March in the Sundays 10pm timeslot. The drama marks Tsumabuki's first appearance in a drama series in three and a half years since "Wakamonotachi 2014" and his first in a WOWOW drama. The novel which had won the 68th Mystery Writers of Japan Award's long and serial short-stories category, sold more than 340,000 copies to date and the drama will be directed by Ishikawa Kei who had worked with Tsumabuki before in the movie "Gukoroku".

Tsumabuki plays the lead character Sasaki Shinichi who works as a cleaner and believes wholeheartedly in the innocence of a woman on death row despite what the world thinks of her. The woman in question i.e. Tanaka Yukino is a childhood friend of Shinichi and is given the death sentence for setting fire to the apartment of her ex-boyfriend and killing his wife and children in the process. As Shinichi knows Yukino since they were young and has been indebted to her due to some reason, his instinct tells him that she can't be the killer and goes searching for people who feels the same way. However, as he digs deeper into Yukino's past, he finds out a totally unexpected story and truth behind the case.

Hayami revealed that it was Tsumabuki who approached him about the dramatisation of his novel last year over the phone although he admitted that he was skeptical initially over whether things would go well. However, he was moved by Tsumabuki's strong feelings for this proposal and felt that it would be safe to entrust him with this story. Tsumabuki commented that when he read the novel which he regarded as his No.1 favourite among Hayami's works, he had an urge to act in this drama which posed the questions of what it meant to be happy and the definition of what is happiness. As such, he hoped to put in his all to make this story which talks about justice and just believing in something till the end become a drama which viewers would look forward to seeing every week. Tsumabuki's name will also appear in the credits section as the planner other than being the lead actor.

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