Sunday, November 30, 2014

Mizobata Junpei & Katase Nana cohabiting?

Mizobata Junpei and Katase Nana are said to be cohabiting, according to the 28 Nov issue of FRIDAY. The two had been first romantically linked in July last year and said to be in a serious relationship in August this year. However, Mizobata denied the reports and said that Katase was just a respected senior of his and they are just good friends. On the other hand, Katase did not deny the reports when she appeared at an event soon after the report was published.

In the latest report by FRIDAY, the couple were said to have started living together in the same apartment a few months ago and were photographed to have been entering and leaving the apartment block. With regard to this new report, both artistes' agencies claimed that they were just good friends.

Source: Nikkansports


ELLASAM said...

It doesnt matter if they are really dating or going to marry.
What concern me is when will junpei take leading roles... i personally think he so much better than most of leading actors in japan. Especially in yube no curry ashita no pan he did very well so such a waste if he keep taking supporting roles..

Chiaki said...

Well, the essence of this whole issue is not so much about whether they are dating. I guess the media is still chasing them more for the fact that they keep denying that they are an item but the reports seem to suggest otherwise. Either they must be such close friends to the extent of "it's OK to sleep over at my friend's place frequently" or they just cannot admit to being lovers for whatever reason.

I don't really think that taking leading roles is an indication of someone's acting ability. I agree with you that there are indeed some actors who may not be such great actors but somehow they keep snagging leading roles and I do get annoyed at times when I see that. However, taking on supporting roles isn't such a bad idea after all since it builds up one's portfolio and experience. There can usually be one leading actor or actress in a production most of the time but there can be many supporting actors in the cast. What's more, a supporting actor has the flexibility and time to take on more projects and increase his exposure so there's still a silver lining to this after all. Imagine an extreme example like you are tied to a Taiga drama which lasts one year as the lead. It's almost impossible to do anything else in that year and if it flops, you get the worst bashing ever because you are the lead. Come to think of it, it's not such a good deal after all.

Anyway, I remember that Mizobata had leading roles in 81 Diver and the Meitantei Conan drama SPs so it's not true that he never took on leading roles. Maybe not so much in recent years since the Conan SPs were back in 2011 and 2012 but he's still young and can well afford to bid his time. ^__^

ELLASAM said...

But i think it s their private life so the reporters should not even publish as it s not a crime or bad things
Just be together only.
and they.dont need ask for anyone approval or let every1 know they are together...

So nothing wrong if they deny
as it s their choice to reveal it or not
and companies maybe the one who ask them to deny
but if it s really not true then all the more they ll deny.....

I just dnt understand y reporters cant report something that will help improve society
And not always focus on this type of celebrity gossip news

Or report more on actors good acting is also good.