Saturday, November 08, 2014

First-day-screening of new movie "Twilight Sasarasaya"

The first-day-screening of new movie "Twilight Sasarasaya" was held at Shinjuku Wald 9 on 8 November which was attended by cast members such as Aragaki Yui, Oizumi Yo and Nakamura Aoi. This movie features Aragaki in her first role as a mother named Saya who loses her husband Yutaro (Oizumi) due to an accident. As Yutaro is worried about how Saya can survive with a newborn baby on her own, his spirit lingers on and possesses various people in a bid to help Saya get on with life. There was a surprise at the event when the baby who had played Saya's son in the movie i.e. Mori Rentaro was brought to the venue and Aragaki was amazed by how much he had grown since she last saw him six months ago.

Source: Yomiuri Hochi

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