Saturday, November 08, 2014

Mizukawa Asami & Daito Shunsuke are dating?

Mizukawa Asami and Daito Shunsuke are said to be dating after details of them on a Halloween date were published in the 6th November issue of "Josei Seven". The two of them who belong to the same agency, were first caught holding hands on a street in Ginza on 31 October after Mizukawa was done with the performance of her stage play "THE 39 STEPS" that night. Three days later, they were also seen at a pork shabu restaurant for about 2 hours before they headed to Mizukawa's apartment which was 15 minutes away by foot. They entered the building through different entrances and Daito was said to have used a spare key to let himself in.

According to their agency, the two of them were having a meal with their friends and are not dating.

Source: Sanspo / NEWS Post Seven

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junny said...

Eh really? Haha, I always kind of saw Asami with Eita after their pairing in Nodame Cantabile, although I know Eita is already married.

I've only seen Daito when he featured in an episode of Love Shuffle.