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"Gomen ne Seishun!" stirs up controversy over the use of Horikoshi Senior High School's name

TBS Autumn 2014 drama "Gomen ne Seishun!" has stirred up controversy over the use of a real school's name i.e. Horikoshi Senior High School in its third episode which has led to the TV station apologising to the school for its blunder and promising to exercise more caution in future. The episode in question was about how students of the lead character played by Nishikido Ryo had asked his sister-in-law (Nakamura Shizuka) who was a former gravure idol to help them in their studies but she rejected them for the reason that she came from Horikoshi i.e. implying that students of that school were not clever or good at their studies.

Source: Sponichi

In case you are not aware, Horikoshi has a special programme called TRAIT for celebrities and sports athletes who have problems attending school for the whole day thus they have a significantly higher proportion of celebrities among its alumni. As such, since the time spent on studies is lesser than their peers, this could be why the drama's scriptwriter had chosen to use Horikoshi as an example to imply that celebrities who came from Horikoshi were not so smart or good in their studies which isn't entirely true since there are some of them who did move on to university and got their degrees. On the other hand, there are many celebrities who choose not to pursue university studies for the sake of their work or other reasons so it's not really fair to say that these people aren't good in studies just because they didn't go to university or didn't finish their university studies in the end.

Just to name some of the celebrities in their alumni here. The full list including those who did not complete their studies is here:

- Sanada Hiroyuki (graduated from Nihon University's College of Art - Movies)
- Kusanagi Tsuyoshi (was the first student from the TRAIT course to receive the Horikoshi Award given to Top 10 students for their excellence in studies and conduct and also received the Full Attendance Award for no absences and lateness over the three-year period) 
- Ichikawa Ebizo
- Inagaki Goro (SMAP)
- Matsuoka Masahiro (TOKIO)
- Domoto Tsuyoshi (KinKi Kids)
- Ikuta Toma
- Ichihara Hayato
- Okada Junichi (V6)
- Katsuji Ryo
- Koike Teppei
- Shirota Yu
- Matsuda Ryuhei
- Matsumoto Jun (Arashi)
- Yamashita Tomohisa (graduated from Meiji University's School of Commerce)
- Yagira Yuya
- Miura Haruma
- Kamiki Ryunosuke
- Yamada Ryosuke
- Sakai Noriko
- Tomosaka Rie
- Fukatsu Eri
- Matsu Takako
- Adachi Yumi
- Ayase Haruka
- Ueto Aya
- Kato Ai (graduated from Asia University's Faculty of International Relations)
- Suzuki An
- Toda Erika
- Nagasawa Masami
- Mizukawa Asami
- Fukada Kyoko
- Kutsuna Shiori
- Kawashima Umika
- Renbutsu Misako
- Fukuda Saki

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of course,not fair that people aren't good in study because didn't go to university because it's only a part what to be not all.