Sunday, November 30, 2014

First-day-screening of new movie "Kiseijuu"

The first-day-screening event of new movie "Kiseijuu" was held on 29 Nov which was attended by the cast members Sometani Shota, Fukatsu Eri, Higashide Masahiro, Hashimoto Ai, Yo Kimiko and the director Yamazaki Takashi. The movie is a science-fiction story about how parasites invade the brains of human beings and control their bodies in a bid to take over the human race. Sometani plays a student whose right hand is invaded by a parasite named Migi and has to fight against the parasites which are invading people's minds very rapidly. During the five-month filming period, he could only imagine that there was indeed a parasite named Migi on his right hand so it was a tough and lonely battle he had to undertake. As for Fukatsu who plays a senior high school student invaded by a parasite and has her face split open in this movie, she remarked that she will look even more horrendous in the second movie.

The finale of this movie titled "Kiseijuu Kanketsuhen" will be released in cinemas from 25 April next year.

Source: Sponichi / Sanspo

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