Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mizukawa Asami & Kimura Fumino to star in new movie "Taiyo no suwaru basho"

Mizukawa Asami and Kimura Fumino will be starring in the new movie "Taiyo no suwaru basho" which is based on the novel by Naoki Award winner Tsujimura Mizuki. Besides them, Miura Takahiro and Mori Kanna will also be part of the cast lineup in this movie which is the 60th anniversary production of Yamanashi Broadcast Station. Initially, Tsujimura was reluctant and worried about this novel being made into a movie but after knowing that the director is going to be Yazaki Hitoshi and reading the scenario, she was convinced that he would do a good job.

Mizukawa will play the role of Kyoko who used to be regarded as the queen in her class during her senior high school days but leads an ordinary life as a female announcer at a local TV station now. On the other hand, her ex-classmate also by the name of Kyoko (different Kanji characters) played by Kimura who used to be a plain student, has changed into a top-class actress leading a glamorous life. When they meet again for the first time in 10 years during a class reunion, the secret hidden between them comes out into the open as they grapple with jealousy, evil thoughts towards each other and the desire to take revenge against their past. Filming is nearing completion at the moment and the movie will be shown during autumn 2014.


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