Friday, December 20, 2013

Completion screening of WOWOW drama SP "Daikuukou 2013"

The completion screening cum press conference of WOWOW's new drama SP "Daikuukou 2013" (Big Airport 2013) which was written and directed by Mitani Koki and starring Takeuchi Yuko was held on 20 December. The drama SP will be shown via WOWOW on 29 Dec at 10pm and is set in the Matsumoto Airport in Nagano Prefecture, where a family is forced to stay there as their flight makes an emergency landing due to bad weather and how they interact with the airport staff. What's special about this SP was that the 100-min story was done in a one-scene-one-cut non-stop format using a single camera and is the second such attempt by WOWOW since 2011's "short cut". Takeuchi plays the role of a a ground staff named Okouchi Chigusa.

When Takeuchi first got the offer to star in this drama, she thought it was a very interesting and fun way of making a drama. However, once she got involved in the filming, she started to doubt why she agreed to it in the first place and was shocked at how tough it was to do it. Filming was done in April this year over six days at Matsumoto Airport (the actual filming took 5 days). Even though the script should have been ready for the cast before the actual filming, Takeuchi "complained" that she would only get it while on the way from Tokyo to Matsumoto and she would be on the verge of tears while trying to memorise her lines during the journey. As such, she said that she was representing the cast to ask Mitani to come up with the script faster next time but he just brushed off the topic by saying that he still came up with the script after all so it wasn't really an issue. When asked if Takeuchi would still like to take part in another Mitani work in this format, she said that she might consider it for a while but would still agree to take it on in the end.

Source: Sponichi

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