Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sawajiri Erika announces her divorce from Takashiro Tsuyoshi

Sawajiri Erika announced during a press conference on 28 December that she and her husband Takashiro Tsuyoshi were officially divorced as of 26 December 2013. She apologised for the controversy and worry caused as a result of the speculations surrounding her divorce for the past 2 years or so and pledged to work harder from next year onwards. When asked about her feelings at the point of signing her divorce application, Sawajiri said that she was filled with positive thoughts about her future and it had been a tough journey getting to this day.

Sawajiri and Takashiro got married on 7 January 2009 and held their wedding at Meiji Shrine in Tokyo and in Hawaii. However, just one year and three months into their marriage, it was revealed on 27 April 2010 that the couple had plans to get divorced but it did not happen as planned on 16 May 2011. For the past two and a half years, no significant development was reported in the media until it was revealed that Takashiro submitted the divorce application alone on 26 December. There is no alimony payment to Sawajiri who plans to continue her acting career.

During the 3-minute press conference, Sawajiri thanked the media for gathering during such a busy period and asked for everyone's support as she works hard in her career from 2014 onwards. However, when asked if she has plans to date again, Sawajiri stressed that she will concentrate on her career rather than think about this.

Source: Oricon

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