Sunday, December 22, 2013

First-day-screening event of movie "Eien no Zero"

The first-day-screening of movie "Eien no Zero" was held on 21 December at TOHO Cinemas Nichigeki 1 which was attended by the cast members Okada Junichi, Miura Haruma, Inoue Mao, the director Yamazaki Takashi and the original novel's author Hyakuta Naoki. Okada commented during the event that it was a honour for him to be involved in this movie along with everyone else. Although it was a tough role to play, he was thankful for the support of the director especially when the latter seemed to be able to read his mind before he raised suggestions on how to improve on the acting.

Okada and Inoue who play a couple in this movie, will also be leads of Taiga dramas in consecutive years i.e. Okada's 2014 Taiga "Gunshi Kanbee" followed by Inoue's 2015 Taiga "Hana Moyu". As such, Okada hoped that he can do well in his drama and pass on the baton to Inoue come next year. In response, Inoue jokingly said that he actually shouldn't try too hard because it will only put more pressure on her.

Filming for the movie started in June 2012 and the director had spent a year prior to that writing the script. As such, it was a long journey for him too after all the time spent on this production. Especially since the novel wasn't selling as well as now when the announcement was made to make this movie, it was a bit intimidating for him because the movie had to live up to the popularity of the novel and expectations of the fans. With regard to this, Hyakuta said that he had lots of faith in the director and even praised him as the best in Japan.


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