Monday, December 23, 2013

Hit commemoration event for movie "Bushi no Kondate"

To commemorate the movie "Bushi no Kondate" being a hit in the box office, a special event was held at a cinema in Tokyo where Ueto Aya and Koura Kengo appeared to greet the audience. As the New Year is approaching, Koura gave Ueto a box of flowers as a present.When asked about their favourite New Year dishes, Ueto cited the black beans in osechi cuisine while Koura chose ozoni. As for their plans over the upcoming holidays, Ueto said that she will spend it with her family while Koura has plans to go for a visit to the shrine with his friends.

During the filming of this movie, the leads spent a lot of time practising and learning about cooking. Ueto mentioned that when she had to clean and cut up a fish in one of the scenes, she was so nervous and tried her best to do it properly since she didn't want the fishes to go to waste. Luckily, she managed to do it after three to four practices.


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