Sunday, March 27, 2016

Endo Kenichi & Suda Masaki to return in the 2-part SP of TV Asahi drama series "Tamiou"

Endo Kenichi and Suda Masaki will be making a return as father-and-son in the two-part SP of TV Asahi's drama series "Tamiou" which will be shown in April at 11.15pm. The first part showing on 15 April will be based on the novel by Ikeido Jun where there will be multiple exchanges of souls thus leading to a huge confusion in the 2nd Muto Cabinet but the portion about the aftermath will be based on an original script. The second part to be shown on 22 April will be a spin-off featuring the past of Takahashi Issei's character Kaibara Mohei who is the secretary of the prime minister Muto Taizan played by Endo.

Ikeido was surprised when TV Asahi approached him about the SPs but still gave approval to use his novel and combine it with the original script. Besides Endo, Suda and Takahashi, the original cast from the drama series will appear in the SPs along with new additions such as Okura Koji, Kadowaki Mugi and Aibu Saki.

Endo commented that he felt that he had already given his all in the drama series and was surprised to be approached again for the SPs. However, after hearing about the viewers' feedback and requests for a sequel, he decided to take on the role again and vowed to make it even more interesting this time. As for Suda, he had been hoping to do this drama again and is thankful for the love that viewers have showered on them. He pledged to put in his best for the role even though he knows that it will be another physically demanding filming process this time.

Source: Oricon


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3x Suda Masaki ♥

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Yay, hope the SP will be good!